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Your IQ test will measure 7 areas of Intelligence:

  • Logic Skills
  • Mathematical Skills
  • Classification Skills
  • Spatial Skills
  • Verbal Skills
  • Visualization Skills
  • Pattern Recognition Skills

After you complete your SmartestofUS test you will be able to purchase your Personal Intelligence Profile.


If you score in the top 15 percentile of all tested to date you will have the opportunity to purchase and 8X10 Engraved Walnut Plaque recognizing your achievement as

One of the Smartest of the U.S.

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Your Personal Intelligence Profile:

  • A history of Intelligence testing and its influence on the development of education fundamentals.
  • Graphic representations of your scores relative to the average scores in each of the skill areas.
  • An explanation of what each of the skill categories measure and how they relate to each other.
  • A detailed analysis of your mathematic, verbal, logic, pattern recognition, visualization, and classification intelligence scores.
  • Tips that can help increase your intellectual capabilities on each of the intelligence skills.
  • Samples of the questions that you missed in each of the skill areas. 
  • Guidance on what professions you might be suited for biased on your skill scores.

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